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My husband passed March 2017 from lung cancer. We were marri


My husband passed March 2017 from lung cancer. We were married for 32 years. I am now living alone for the first time and I feel I have no life now. His family has been wonderful and invites me over but the day to day is horrible. I sleep a lot. I feel this life holds nothing for me anymore.

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Jan 16

He started testing dec 2016 , diagnosis Jan 2017 and gone by March 31st.

Feb 13

My husband and I were also married for 30+years (together for 40) and we did everything together. When you have that special type of marriage where you actually want to spend all your time with your spouse, when they are gone, you are now literally alone. You're not even a whole person anymore. That half of you is gone. Family and friends may be there but they don't even come close to filling that emptiness. Think about it. That many years is pretty much your entire adult life that you shared with someone. My husband has been gone for a year and I still hate walking into the house because I know he's not there. No one is. All I know is there is no magic bullet for this horrific grief that has been thrown at us and I certainly don't have the answers. Everyone's grief is so different and so personal but pain is pain. And learning that others were having some of the same exact feelings and experiences helped me immensely. I'm happy to continue this dialogue with you anytime you feel the need.

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Mar 25

I'm sorry for your loss. It's been 7 months since my husband of 25 years has passed. I'm working on getting my new chapter of my life going. I'm looking to chat with someone who I can share positive stories with. I'm also here to talk about my highs and lows. I can't talk details of mine or other spouses passing. It is too depressing for me.


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