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My husband passed March 2017 from lung cancer. We were marri


My husband passed March 2017 from lung cancer. We were married for 32 years. I am now living alone for the first time and I feel I have no life now. His family has been wonderful and invites me over but the day to day is horrible. I sleep a lot. I feel this life holds nothing for me anymore.

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Jul 23

@js6300 hi everything you say is so true. This is exactly how I feel. I lost my soulmate after 30 years in February of this year. The grief is overwhelming and I feel so alone.

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Jul 23

hey, sorry for your loss .....
I lost my wife this year and most times i just feel empty. i'm trying to live for my kids but it's a challenge.
I'm also looking to share positive stories in hopes that i can heal better.

Jul 30

My husband also died of lung cancer on 4/30...diagnosed 2015 went through surgery/treatments and was good for 1.5 yrs before it metasis to his brain. He endured a lot for 10 mos. before losing his battle. We were together nearly 30 yrs. and have no children. My best friend, my person. So understand completely. Keeping busy with work definitely helps me. But cry daily and talk to him when home just to tell him about my day. We must grieve our heart break however gets us through. I have friends who've lost their spouses several years ago and give me inspiration. Prayers to you.


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