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Well I cheated big time today. Tomarrow needs to get here fa

Well I cheated big time today. Tomarrow needs to get here fast. Hopefully my nutritionist will set me straight. A fried chicken sandwich and fries just doesn't cut it! Well see what she has to say tomarrow.

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Jan 12

How did the nutritionist go?

Jan 12

My visit with the nutritionist went really well. I took the holidays off from her and returned this wed. I only gained .6 lbs. I thought that was pretty good for the holidays. I usually gain more. On sun im starting a meal delivery program with her for lunch and dinner. I drink shakes for breakfast and i have to buy my own snacks. Left to my own defensrs i would be a flop. No cooking skills what so ever. Its coastly but worth it. The meals will probably be cooked palio style if youve heard of that. Palio is popular these days. I wouldnt know where to begin thats for sure. That was my visit. Thanks for asking.


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