So. I e never really done anything like this. Joined a commu


So. I e never really done anything like this. Joined a community like this, but honestly I just need some help and encouragement. I hate my body and now that I'm out of school I don't have too much else to think about. I have such a hard time loosing weight even though I'm really active and don't eat a lot I still have so much extra weight, and it kills me to feel so unattractive. Honestly, that makes it even harder to loose weight. This time I'm trying to do it healthy though; not fall in to old habits again.

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Jun 18

Since you're creating new healthy habits, what would happen if you loved your body, and feel enlivened feeling attractive?!

Jun 19

Welcome :)

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Jun 19

Welcome, Vannah! This is a good group of people who have a lot in common and are helping each other to get better. It works. You'll see it in the comments here. Read over all the posts and comments here and you'll get a good feel for it. If I can help, I will. I check in here almost every day and if you have a question for me, I'll respond when I see it. Read the article I wrote about when I was taught to love my body when I really hated it. It shocked me to hear that, but it was a really important thing to hear. We can solve these problems. It's work, but very well worth it. Welcome to the group!


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