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Hi. I'm Kristina. I am new to this group. My doctor wants me


Hi. I'm Kristina. I am new to this group. My doctor wants me to be 100% focused on losing weight because of a serious health concern I am battling . Long story short. I've lost 25 lbs, need to lose another 100. I do not eat grains or dairy. Frustrated at having a health thing taking a lot of my energy and yet need to focus on the weight loss too. Not sure how to manage the feelings. thanks

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Oct 15

@Kristina5212 Vital Choice is a vitamin company that sells Salmon oil. These are options to make sure you are getting the essential omega 3 fats.
I like putting a tbspoon of ground flax over my salad. I also can blend it in some water and have flax milk.
If you want milk , you can experiment with making your own from nuts or seeds.

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Oct 19

I don’t know why this isn’t showing up on the weight-loss board anymore. Are you still with us?

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Oct 25

Hello Kristina, hope all is going according to plan. Peace


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