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Hi everyone! I've been overweight since my early 20s (I'm i

Hi everyone!
I've been overweight since my early 20s (I'm in my mid 40s now). I weight 258 now. We have adopted a baby. In the past, I've gone down as low as mid 210s a few times. However, the last few years, I'm unable to get there again. I have joined so that I can receive and provide support in this weight loss journey of mine

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Dec 11

Day 7:
Not a great day. I ate 1900 calories. Didn't work out as the knee was bothering you much and I'm lacking sleep.

I'll go to bed early as I have physical therapy early in the morning

Dec 11

ill support you, my best friend wt is 400. remember its in your head u have to tell yourself what a good person you are and will be a good loving mom. those old tapes that contiute to addiction are hard, have you tried counseling, or oa, or ww? my sister was over 300lbs too. she got so much it from my parents, i hink it was the only way she felt in control

Dec 12

@deborahSatter Thank you Deborah! I appreciate the support.
I'm a guy :) so my goal is to be a loving dad for my son.
I have a demanding job so finding time to go to counseling is a bit difficult. I'll make this a January goal. By then, renovations will be done and my new project's details will be clear.


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