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Good morning all! It's a new week and a new chance to tackle

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Good morning all! It's a new week and a new chance to tackle our health goals! We're all in this together and together we will succeed! What are your goals or dreams for a healthier you? Share with us where you'd like be, how far you've come, or what you'd like to accomplish in the week to come! All are welcome at Team Fit, hop on board and share your plans!

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Jul 9

I’m a new member. I joined this site because I have come to a standstill in my weight loss. I started July 26th 2017 and I am down 56 pounds as of this morning. I’ve been teetering between 55-69 total weight loss and still have a ways to go. I’ve been stuck in a platuae of sorts and need suggestions on how to kick my diet into overdrive. I am following weight watchers and track everything but when I don’t lose weight it triggers what I call my “fat attacks” meaning I want to eat every craving. And lately I’ll stick to my diet for 3 weeks and fall off for one. Just need some tricks on how to counteract my cravings. Anything helps! Cheers!

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Jul 9

Howdy everyone!!!! Sorry life has been hectic to say the least. I got to the hospital literally at 8:30am, took me back at 10:20am. Done by 11:55 am. So, ya know how they say not to eat before surgery... well, nothing since 8pm the night before. Asked for something to eat, nope they couldn't do it, they couldn't bring food into recovery. Didn't have a room available for me for an additional 5.5 hours. Now, it's after 5:30 and dinner is served 5pm. So needless to say no dinner is coming to me. Had mom bring me Wendy's large chili. Now, I also was given the option prior to surgery for an epidural and three tylenol 3 and a perk 10 (which should last till about 8:30pm) or regular anesthesia. Opted for option 1. Drugs wore off somewhere around 1pm. I'm begging for something, nothing they could do as I was in recovery and not in a room. The entire situation is one huge F*** UP. How do you not have a bed available for a surgery patient?? Finally in the room, I was told I could have Dilaudid. How about NO! Have a 30 minute life to it and then you need more. I said morphine via IV and perks via mouth until pain comes down. All night long, I kept having to ask for pain meds. Nurses with ****** ATTITUDES. At 3:30 am, they bring a patient into my room, my new roommate. NICE, I finally get somewhat comfortable and fall asleep and they get really LOUD. So now it's 3:30am and I'm up for the night. At 10:00 am a vascular doc came in, said how's your pain level....I said, what's it need to be to go home. She said 0. I said OK, I'm gonna LIE to your face, my pain level is 0. send me home. Took them 4 freaking hours to get me out. Came home, medicated, unpacked and took a nap. UGH. Thursday and Friday were nothing but one huge FREAKEN MESS. Since I've been home, pain level has decreased slightly. Irritability level up. I've done good on eating though.

Now, that my rant is over, I do have to say.. Doc took out 10lbs of fat and bone. YES, I asked her to weigh. Just got to heal now and start over in the prosthetic process.

Sorry for the long rant everyone!!!! I love y'all.

By the way, since I lost 7lbs last week I'm hoping that I can at least have 3 off this week. You know they pump you full of fluid while in the hospital. That would be my first 10lb goal with the group!!

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Jul 11

@TEAM FIT: howdy everyone- I did it. I lost 6.2lbs even with having a lot of fluids pumped into me, so I'm down 13.2lbs...... 6.8lbs until 2nd 10lbs reached. Yeah for me.


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