For anyone who can read this. I know that maybe people d

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For anyone who can read this.

I know that maybe people don't wanna post about their weight loss right now because they think it's not appropriate, maybe overwhelmed with all this other stuff, whatever it maybe. ??
But what I wanna suggest is that for everywhere we turn, we see crazy stuff. Experiencing crazy stuff.
So that being able to escape it for a while by coming here and talking about this subject, can be quite Helpful.

If you are severely overweight, then losing weight is a serious issue as well. And if you're not, it's a nice thing to focus on because we have some control over this. Still a challenge but some control.
And I'm sure that most people would agree, with all the rest of the madness going on, we have no real control Over that.
So I would invite anyone who is interested to come on and share your story. What you are wanting to do as far as your weight loss or overall health goals are. This really is a good time for us to focus on this.

I'll say for myself, I used to like trying to fast for 24 hours. And then try to push it to longer. I haven't been able to do that in a while. So Id love to be able to get better at that. Then after 24 hours, making it another 24 hours with a protein drink or some celery carrot Juice would be great for me because I always want to try to clean my system. It's A fun challenge and something else focus on That is not so crazy and negative.
I have Inflammation and it helps with that.

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Aug 1

I again have started the weight loss process. I let myself get into a bad frame of mind with my gym closing, not being able to go to church, being stuck inside, and all the chaos over the summer. So I took an honest look at myself yesterday and decided this is not who I want to be. I was doing really well for a long time a few years ago. I'd lost over 60 pounds and was in great shape, then got lazy. My weight started creeping back and after sitting dormant, for the spring/ summer, I've gained back 2/3rd's of the weight! I'm not going to go back. So, here I go again. I know what to do. I just have to get back to work. So I found this group hoping for a little extra motivation.

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Aug 4

@Phoenix51 I think that now is the best time for us to refocus, reset and restart a new program.
I posted about something I am doing now. It’s really simple. Basically, all of these big diet industries Create a system.
They think we’re all looking for the answer somewhere outside of us.
So they’re going to give it to us. They’re going to set up something that is very structured. Telling us just what to do at every turn.
So I say we take that and use it for ourselves.
Why can’t I make my own schedule?
Why can’t I make my own food? I personally have never been a dieter.I’ve never done them. But my mom did so I watched her do diets growing up.

Let’s take these frozen dinners. Why can’t we take a Sunday and cook a lot of the stuff in bulk. Break it down into these little containers and then freeze them and refrigerate them. Have your one frozen dinner at your planned times.

Let’s say it’s the keto diet. Why do you have to buy keto food. We know what has fat carbs protein etc. Why can’t we make our own keto food. It’s a lot cheaper.
You get what I’m saying.

So I have been taking time to create my own schedule. Why not invest all of this extra time we have into something like this. We have complete control. We can do it how ever we like. Have fun with it. Enjoy the process. You definitely want to enjoy it.
If you hate spaghetti , then don’t make that a part of your program.
If you really like chocolate, then include it somewhere.
I buy dark chocolate with sea salt and nuts in bulk. Only one flavor. I take two squares almost every night.
When I do this, I don’t binge on donuts for example. But when I try not to do it, I will end up binging.

Oh .. I love fruit.
So I’m not gonna try and do a keto diet.
So whatever it is that feels good for you, create that plan.

And then come on here and tell us all about it. Share all the good stuff here. We can have a free support system right here. All these diet industries making billions of dollars off of us! Scr€w them!

The last diet that my mom did was so expensive. She could have easily done it herself. But she liked having a place where she could check in every week.She liked the structure. But we can do it ourselves.

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