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December 3rd, 2020


Besides my own weight loss journey, I’ll come across other

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Besides my own weight loss journey, I’ll come across others on YouTube who share their weight loss struggles.
And it’s really painful to watch sometimes.
This one person has been struggling with this for 15 to 20 years. Constantly yo-yoing up and down 100 + pounds.
My mom was a dieter. And it seems to me from what I’ve seen, that anyone who loses a lot of weight really fast, only turns around and gains it back shortly after. And if not all of it they gain back half of it. Quickly. So I really do think slow weight loss is the way to go.
I think focusing on the daily habits is more important than focusing on getting on the scale every day. Just knowing that it’s going to come off because I’m doing things that will make it come off. It’s a proven fact. It’s scientific.
Take the calories that you burn,(which I don’t know) let’s say 2400 as an example. And then you make sure that you’re not taking in more than 1800 and that’s one way to lose weight.

When you look at your hormones and your sleep. When I don’t sleep enough, I don’t repair my body enough and I don’t burn as much over the day. I have more cravings for carbs. My leptin and my grelin hormones are off.

Exercise is great for overall health. But it isn’t great as a way to lose weight. If you’re watching every calorie you take in and exercise OK. But thinking about exercise alone, causes people to not focus enough on the eating. I am all about counting calories at this point. That is safe enough. I’m not even doing that great.
I just know that calories in calories out makes sense.
So I wish I could just wave a magic wand and fix everybody’s weight problems. But then I know, for this person that I am thinking about right now, it’s not even about his weight.
It’s all psychological.
Because let’s say I waive the magic wand and his weight problem is gone. Then what?
Will he live happily ever after ever after that? Or will he find something else wrong with him? Does he have self-worth issues?

Sometimes putting on fat is some type of psychological thing where a person will accumulate it to hide from life. And so if the weight is gone then how do they hide? What’s their excuse to not participate in life?

There was a time in my life when I just accumulated fat and didn’t care. But now I do care. I don’t want it anymore so it’s shedding. Slow and steady.
And it will never return.

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Oct 29

yes... proud of us both for defeating the cigarette demon. once your body makes it thru withdrawl the head games start ....

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Oct 29

black cohash for cramps

Oct 29

@Haunted2 Eloquently put !!!!!


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