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So new update, my partner has felt change of meat and is now

So new update, my partner has felt change of meat and is now going vegan or vegetarian I told him to go slow. Another thing recently has bothered me for two days now and I'm just don't know how I feel about my friend, i recently told her my partner decided wants to go vegeo she was happy about it thought it was awesome, next minute I was telling her about a topic in discussion of my worst moments with people who didn't like me being vegan in a heated moments. I explained that was a guy who said he would eat dogs and cute animals suddenly my friend said "haha I would eat cute things too. I would eat a dog"... I didn't say anything my mind was blown away , like this friend who used to be vegetarian either for health or environmental purposes says she'll eat a dog!? Like to me that was really f*cked up to hear that I told her earlier that day I wanted to join the voiceless for Animals for Activism. And from a friend I had for a long time friend now ...I was in so much confusion cause she's very into environment (studies it for uni) and she's into health and only wants natural pure products ... I was in disbelief honestly. I'm actually out raged, she's so self asbored she probably hasn't even sit down and watched footage of animals suffering in pans. If She was a environmentalist! she wouldn't be support this crap... I'm actually so angry she said it and laughed about it like a psychopath would .. I'm in love with my dog and watching earthlings brought me to tears I ended up hugging my dog when seeing those dogs caged up ready to be tortured turned into profit, I'm just don't know how to forget this or brush it off. Felt like I lost this friend she's gone to the dark side.. WHO DA HELL wants to eat dog!? In 2018 like that's just wrong .. she's owned dogs..

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victoria1995's picture
Dec 5

I think it's time I make actual vegan friends

Learned's picture
Dec 10

I think only psychopaths would laugh st this or make jokes about things like that. It’s sick!

victoria1995's picture
Dec 18

@Learned i know!!! It's killing me thinking about it. I have had thoughts over this friendship ... considering she's got no compassion or understanding or empathise towards animals and that creeps me out. She must see them as as thoughtless unconscious objects almost OR probably hasn't even thought about it .. but I know for sure she hasn't done her research cause it sounded to me she had no idea what she was agreeing too saying she'll eat a dog or anything cute.. honestly gets me worked up writing this.. garh I think I won't see her for a while. I really need vegan friends or any form of plant based friendly animal lover who understands. Thanx for commenting, I just don't understand my meat eating friends ... I tell them how horrible it is and they just see me as a crazy trend vegan person.. they see me as a diet person, not a person who thinks killing animals is wrong type of way.


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