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I'm dating someone whose liked eating vegan food with me and

I'm dating someone whose liked eating vegan food with me and sometimes he's agreed on veganism and he likes goats he finds them cute but at moments we go out and he buys dinner with pork or sheep meat, I feel under whelmed like disheartened. Like .. this whole time you said how horrible industries are but you're okay to keep supporting them? I asked him to join a documentary I wanted to watch with him he refused to watch it. I realised he actually does not want to know how meat instustries kill animals for meat.

It's weird cause I don't want to say "Go vegan, I really dislike you eating animals products next to me" I really don't believe pushing on people .. I've kept it cool people eating in front of me .. but I'm dating this guy since 2016 it's been too long now and I feel like .. this is wrong he doesn't agree with my beliefs or ethical reasons where I stand for

Like how should i go with this?

Nov 23

He could be just humoring you, going along to get along. If he were to admit, I'm not vegan, would you still like him because he was being honest? Is he an honest person? So I'm wondering if it's the lies that bother you more than the vegan and meat industry issues. Either way, it sounds like you may be re-thinking this relationship. I think it's a healthy thing for you to do that because you're better off dating someone you know you could have a future with, if that's your aim in dating.

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Nov 29

I have been dating the same guy for the past 7 years and he isn't vegan. I mean I have only been vegan for about two years and I am definitely an ethical vegan. As is my daughter (she has been vegan for a year) . I am not going to lie sometimes when I see him eat some meat it makes me mad for a second, but then I think hey i am new to this I was like him before. You have to meet people where they stand.. and sometimes you won't be able to turn them vegan. If you love him give it time...

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Dec 5

Exciting news for anyone who reads this post my partner has decided to go vegetarian or vegan when seeing the pig farm from the that Vegan couple footage.


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