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I watched What the Health and holy hell! I'm done. I'm on da

I watched What the Health and holy hell! I'm done. I'm on day 6 of eating vegan. I'm 380 lbs. I'm pre diabetic, high blood pressure, all the bells and whistles of being over weight. I've been this way my whole life. I want to see my sons grow up. One thing that is really hard for me is that I don't like fruit. Not any fruit. I just can't chew it and swallow it. So I feel like over the long haul I'm going to be limited and maybe get bored. My husbands and sons also do not agree with my choice at all. They thinks it's crazy and refuse to go along with it. When I told my boss he asked it my other co-workers had bets on how long I would last and then he brought 2 bags of candy in to work, opened one, smelled it and looked right at me to say how good it smelled. I mean really?! Anyhoo, I really don't want to eat any of the "junk" vegan foods...the processed ones. And not liking fruit or any raw veggies either....not sure exactly how my vegan lifestyle is going to turn out really. So far, lots of beans and brown rice, roasted squash and zucchini, vegan chili, edamame, steamed broccoli, & cauliflower. I'm not sure how to get everything I need into each day and making sure I actually like the things too.

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Sep 27

there are TONS of recipes on youtube!! You are awesome!!

Oct 12

Yay congrats and stay tough! Yeah the hardest part about being vegan is the haters! WTF? I agree about youtube - it's been a lifesaver because I have no vegan friends. And there are millions of recipes out there. Stay strong - and when the a-holes all suffering heart disease or cancer you can feel sorry for them.

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Oct 22

Congrats on making the decision to go vegan and getting healthy! I know how you feel about being overweight and wanting to change. Did you not eat fruit growing up? Fruit is life to me but leafy greens can be hard so I understand. Is there any fruit that you like? If you hide the fruit in a chocolate or vanilla smoothie would you be able to stomach it? Have you ever had Nice Cream? I a cream made from froazen bananas and fruit. There are so many options to getting the nutrients you need and I promise you you won't get bored. Are you on Instagram? The vegan community on Instagram is awesome and once I joined my mind was BLOWN away by how abundant a plant based diet is. Honestly I wouldn't expect much support- society has been severely brainwashed. First of all most people don't even know what being vegan means. It's a joke to them perpetuated through movies & tv shows. The meat, dairy, egg companies pay billions to advertisers to help make sure the public eats their products and believes their lies. Veganism isn't a diet, it's ethics. Plant based is a diet. People are so rude when they find out someone is vegan. What's so offensive? Caring about animals? Or caring about your health? Or caring about the planet? People think going vegan means eating grass. You can eat everything except meat, dairy, eggs. They aren;t healthy for us anyways and there are TONS of amazing vegan versions of it all. I was a big meat eater and don't miss any of it and when I do out of habit I go get the vegan version which tastes a million times better because it came without cruelty. Every non-vegan eats "vegan food" all day everyday. Don't why eat fruit, veggies, potatoes, rice, etc? That is all "vegan food". It's all about perspective and mental conditioning. I would tell my husband and kids that they don't have to like it and it's understandable because change is hard and the unknown is scary but that there is nothing "crazy" about it. And they don't have to go vegan themselves but that as their mother and his wife you expect their respect and consideration. AT the end of the day your husband sets the tone- if he respects you then your kids will follow suit. It's not like you're joining a cult or doing something dangerous- you're choosing to love yourself and get healthy. Do they not want you to get healthy? Honestly I wouldn't share with people unless I had to. Your boss sounds like a ****, no offense. Jokes and a sense of humor are great but doens't he get that you need to get healthy? What kind of grown man acts like that? It's borderline abusive. I'd buy some vegan candy (so many accidentally vegan candies and vegan candy brands out now) and I'd share with my coworkers and boss. I think black & white or "extreme" thinking/ dieting is a set up for failure. I'd take things slow. I know how it is. I'd either eat everything in sight or measure my veggies on a scale. Getting that unhealthy and overweight took time, it will take time to reverse it. I wouldn't be too hard on myself or make it so hard. A diet is hard enough- I'd look at it like a total lifestyle upgrade. Did you eat unhealthy/ processed non vegan food? I would transition slowly. WHen I first went vegan I ate exactly how I did as a non-vegan. I veganized all of my favorite foods, tried all the "vegan junk food", didn't restrict my calories. Transitioning slowly is the best way to go. Restriction only leads to breaking and binging. Trust me a lot of what we think about 'vegan junk food" and processed food is also propaganda. Everyone thinks soy is so bad but I bet meat, dairy, and eggs are worse. Everyone talks so badly about vegan junk food and processed foods and worries about protein intake but no one cares about all of that when people are non-vegan. I would check out High Carb Hannah on YouTube and Instagram. She lost 70 pounds and kept it off. She doesn't eat a bunch of junk but she eats yummy foods doesn't restrict. She shares a lot of recipes. I'd also check out @jahsbites on Instagram, she lost 155 pounds on a plant based diet. There are so many people on Instagram that can help be a source of inspiration. Ellen Fisher is also a great source, she speaks a lot on how to help non-vegan family understand what you're doing. Her sister Hannah McNeely has a non vegan husband and she just made a Youube video about how they coexist respectfully. You could steam your veggies and make all kinds of yummy foods. Trust me, I was a non vegan junk food addict that ate TONS of meat, dairy, eggs, fast food, and drank tons of soda. I hated veggies. Your taste buds change and you find yourself craving things you never thought you would. Day 6 is the very beginning- YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Any habit is going to take time to break. Imagine smoking, drinking, etc- no one is going to feel good on day 6 ESPECIALLY without nay support. Trust me, it gets easier. One day you'll look back and wish you did it sooner. The reason I say don't be so restrictive with what you eat is because it's not realistic. The people who "fail" on a plant based diet and thought they needed meat, dairy, eggs were restricting calories and trying to be perfect. Why be such an imperfect non-vegan but expect yourself to be a perfect vegan? It's a self sabotage. I'd also check out Bonny Rebecca on YouTube and Instagram, she shares a lot of recipes and is really knowledgeable about eating healthy, getting in the necessary nutrients, and doing away with the distorted thinking we all have that leads to unhealthy relationships with food. I know you can do this. Veganism leads to an abundant lifestyle. It will get easier/ better. Soon those same people will be coming to you for tips. Good luck! I'm here if you need to chat. Trust me, cut up some potatoes throw them in the oven and make yourself a cozy veggie burger with whatever toppings you like. You'll be at day 36 and looking back like a champ! You have to be sure to eat enough. Restricting is our enemy. <3

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