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Hello! So I recently had a baby two weeks ago and very inter


Hello! So I recently had a baby two weeks ago and very interested in going vegan however I have no idea where to start! I went grocery shopping today and I was able to find things that had the vegan logo on them however it wasn't much. I walked out feeling somewhat defeated and frustrated. I really need some easy dinner ideas! Any advice or help with how to get started please let me know!

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Oct 22

A few of my favorite vegan recipe websites are https://minimalistbaker.com/recipes/vegan/ ohsheglows.com/categories/recipes-2/ www.veganricha.com/ I am about 2 years in myself and I feel great health wise, my energy is through the roof and I can sleep at night not only because I'm healthier, but because I know doing something great for myself, animals and the planet. However, I'm also starting to feel more and more excluded from my circle of friends and family. Every year, every holiday and family get-together gets more and more difficult as time goes on. I usually avoid these types of things because they require sitting around and watching everyone eat animal flesh. I hate feeling this way. I have become more and more disappointed in my friends and family because they sit back and ignore the obvious reasons why they should stop eating animal products. I just want things to get better from here, for me, for them, for the world! Any words of wisdom or advice is much welcome!

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Oct 25

You might want to check out the page on vegan pregnancy, infants, & children on veganhealth.org. Here's the url:

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Oct 28

@existential.terrestrial I just stumbled upon how to delete or edit one's comment from a touchscreen (ipad in my case): Single tap in the upper right hand corner of your comment box, and the flag, delete, and edit icons appear. It may take a few tries in slightly different spots. I'm sure I tried this before & nothing happened; maybe it's a brand new feature, but probably my fingers were just too dry or something.

From original comment: On something with a mouse or touchpad (like a laptop or desktop computer), hover over your comment and click on the trashcan that appears in the upper righthand corner of your comment box. Hope that helps! :o)


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