Hello! So I recently had a baby two weeks ago and very inter


Hello! So I recently had a baby two weeks ago and very interested in going vegan however I have no idea where to start! I went grocery shopping today and I was able to find things that had the vegan logo on them however it wasn't much. I walked out feeling somewhat defeated and frustrated. I really need some easy dinner ideas! Any advice or help with how to get started please let me know!

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Oct 8

Hello, welcome!
Here's a clarifying link:
Where are you starting from?

Oct 9

Hi, I'm vegan, what kind of thing do you like to eat?

Oct 12

There are tons of books on Amazon to get you started. Just type in "Becoming vegan" and you'll find a bunch of books and resources. Being vegan is SO EASY once you get the hang of it. I'm so happy you're going vegan! Lol I just saw the Jennifer Garner started a line of organic vegan baby food. :)


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