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Hello everyone, I've been vegan for nearly a year now and ev

Hello everyone, I've been vegan for nearly a year now and everything has been going great. It is very unlikely for me to meet someone vegan where I live live but I met this amazing guy who I've been with for a few months now and who is super supportive and I made him watch some documentaries and he stopped buying dairy milk and is vegan as much as he can, he buys all his animal products local and knows how the animals were raised, but he is a hunter. I've been trying to convince myself that the animals he eats had a good life and they they didn't suffer too much, but I can't stop resenting him for taking those lives. I can't stop imagining him pulling that trigger, killing an animal with his own hands. I'm findinf it harder and harder to respect people's choice to eat meat and I don't know if I can spend my life with smoeone who does, even if everything else about them is perfect. I also don't want to ask him to change. I know all I can do is keep educating and hope for the best but, as when I found out the reasons behind veganism, I switched overnight. I don't understand how people can stay omnivore even after they find out all these things. They don't even try. How do you not resent people for not being vegan?

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Dec 10


What do you need? I’m a vegan and never had support either, just like any other vegan. There are many great vegan recipes online that can help you to create great meals. I’m not sure how I can help you in your path. I did it for animals, so support or not, I’d never eat animals ever again. But in your case, I’m not sure how I can help. Maybe if you watch documentaries about what animals go through to reach a plate, you’ll find a greater motive to stay on your path.

Apr 7

@AnnZam this site has a lot of great resources to help you

Jun 14

I think you will find support here. What can we do for you?


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