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Interested in learning how to become a vegan i just dont kno

Interested in learning how to become a vegan i just dont know how

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Sep 27

sure you do hun !! Just dont eat meat. I know alot of people say its hard but when you look at the voiceless beauties I am sure you know you dont want them to die just for you to have 10 minutes of their flesh in your mouth... You look like a beautiful women with a beautiful soul. Help us save lives!!! Watch 1000eyes and other slaughterhouse videos and you`ll see that you will be doing the only right thing by going VEGAN!! Good luck love!

Oct 12

I didn't find going vegan hard at all! To me it was so fun to find SOOOOO many new foods and recipes. I make the frickin best nut cheese! Check out Miyoko Schinner, Minimalist Baker, Oh She Glows, Thug Kitchen, Forks over Knives... The options are endless nowadays. Just be ready for people to judge. It's so weird. :(

Nov 7

Here's the dealio, animal agriculture is the leading contributor in rainforest deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. By going vegan you are helping make the world a better place, and that is a beautiful thing. Watching earthlings and cowspiracy will give you a better grip on the facts as well as make you cry your eyes out (Earthlings). Take it nice and slow, the change does not need to happen in a day. 46 of your chromosomes begin to change within the first two months of veganism, so its a big change. Ive been vegan for a year and im the only one in the county. Honestly it can be lonely but if just remember all the good your doing, this vegan thing is a piece of cake.

Reconnect with love and express it out into the universe and everything will be okay.-----Dakota Wint


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