So sick of filling out endless web applications, tailoring m

So sick of filling out endless web applications, tailoring my resume and creating cover letters for each job and I get no response. This working at nights is getting to me, I have no time for hobbies or anything. I know its a job and its income. There HAS TO BE MORE TO LIFE THEN THIS!!! I'm done with my rant. Thank you.

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Feb 23

@SeriousInside You're not alone in feeling down today. I'm better today then I was yesterday. I have days when I just can't seem to stop crying. The tears just fall and I can't stop them. It happened at work last night. Its true, so many people are out of work, no job what so ever. I don't even want to think about the fear they must be experiencing not having any money coming in. I don't deal with to many recruiters. If I do get an email from them, its for a job making stupid amount of money for a job I'm not qualified for so I assume its spam. Hang in there, things have got to get better one day. Glad to see you post here, I was beginning to think everyone left. Its discouraging when you try to find support and no one answers you on this web site. Job rejection is tough enough to handle alone.


@Snowghost I hope you are doing well. I am hanging in, but things have not gone well for me on the job front. I don’t think I’m a good interviewer. I had a video interview last week and have not heard anything from them since. I don’t think I gave the 2 interviewers enough eye contact. I’m sick of saying the same things in different interviews. I have a video interview tomorrow and am not excited about it because my bad experience with a video interview last week. That interview was describing several past situations. I want a job and am tired of interviewing. Ugh. I am glad you are on this site for job support. Yes, job rejection is tough to handle alone. I don’t talk about it much with family and friends because I don’t want to worry them and they have their own problems during this pandemic.

Mar 6

@SeriousInside Oh Wow, I have been looking for you! I GOT A JOB! I interviewed in February, by telephone, then did the face to face interview. Remember I was stressing it was Thursday and no email? Well, Friday morning I was reading my emails and she offered me the JOB! I was so shocked I had to read the email twice! So, don't panic about how you do on interviews. I felt like I was terrible on this one, I spoke to fast cause I was nervous and then I got the job. This site sucks, I've been look for you every day and I just got your notification and that was two days ago. Text me since you don't have FB, 540-290-7364. Hope to hear from you soon.


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