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November 19th, 2020


So sick of filling out endless web applications, tailoring m

So sick of filling out endless web applications, tailoring my resume and creating cover letters for each job and I get no response. This working at nights is getting to me, I have no time for hobbies or anything. I know its a job and its income. There HAS TO BE MORE TO LIFE THEN THIS!!! I'm done with my rant. Thank you.

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Nov 23

@CKBlossom I have looked up people that I would have an interview with. I live in a rural area and there is not a lot of professionals here, it is mostly plant work like Hershey. I tried Best Buy warehouse, repack orders for stores, I lasted 3 weeks. I'm thinking about trying another city but that means driving over a mountain that has fog on it a lot and it gives me anxiety. I've had a bad day today, lots of tears and I'm tired. I am tired of being a cashier, working at nights, cleaning bathrooms and emptying out the trash. I'm an administrative and I have worked in an office my entire life, I will be 61 soon and I fear this will be my line of work til I retire, With Covid cases on the rise and holidays looming ahead, I am just very depressed. I come here to reach out to people that understand the frustration of today's job market. Thank you for your reply.

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Nov 24

@Snowghost60 Is moving an option? That does sound frustrating, I am so sorry.

Nov 25

@CKBlossom It's o.k., I just hold on the best that I can. Life will work out, it always does.


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