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Im not well. its hard enough battling depression then to not

Im not well. its hard enough battling depression then to not be able to find a job. I have to fake a smile daily...i do ok around others...but i need help.

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Aug 17

Hi! I hope you are doing well today. I know jobs can be really tough to come by and looking/waiting can be hard.
My encouragement to you is to know that your identity is not your job. I know that many times people get caught up in thinking that what they do and who they are is the same thing, but you are so much more than that. You have skills and talents beyond a career. As you job search and wait on a job, I encourage you to rest in that :) you were created for bigger things than a job.
Good luck!

Aug 30

@trying43, that's why you have us. Lean on us so you can cheer up around your friends. They are looking for you to be the person they made friends with, and haven't the inner resources to give you as much support as you need. We are your fellows in need, and are motivated to provide the support we all crave for ourselves, so see if you can compartmentalize, and confine your pain to the support group.

Sep 4

I sought counseling. It helps some. But getting another job will fill that gap more than anything. I just felt so depressed I even wound up in The ER.


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