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I recently became unemployed 2 weeks before Christmas. I liv

I recently became unemployed 2 weeks before Christmas. I live in a small town that I went to college in (I graduated in 2013, so I've been here far longer than I should've ever been), and to put it simply - there isn't much of an economy here. I'm not related to the locals, so I don't have an "in" at any of the good jobs, and therefore I'd be limited to fast food or soul sucking big box retailers, neither of which pay. I am 100% sure I need to move for better opportunities, but I need to have a job lined up first before I can even move. Nobody seems interested in out of town candidates, and my network of friends and family are entirely unhelpful in getting me an "in" for any job openings back home (they either call me a complainer, or have some strange idea the economy works like it did in 1990). No, I was not graced with the science and math skills to get a STEM degree, so I instead studied a liberal arts field. I wouldn't have changed my major/degree for the world, I only wish it'd actually help me land a job, instead of stagnating.

Anyone have any advice, or words of encouragement?

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Jan 12

Line up a job out of town even if it is at Starbucks (which pays well) and then look for something else.

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Jan 12

I had to laugh at your excellent comment "that the economy works like it did in 1990" lol! I cannot believe the low pay I have had to settle for in stupid giant (and family-owned) retailers...such an insult. They don't care since money is always their bottom line. I don't have a full degree. I live where there are "some" jobs but nothing I care about or are very good at. I really don't want to have to learn a lot of computer extras but I think that's gonna be my only option. SO boring. I'm a people person. I am way better having real relationships with HUMANS. Life is too short to spend days behind a cold screen. I would consider Starbucks but frankly I heard it's pretty rushed and I really am done with working for a lot of 20yr olds. They are just in a different frame of mind-that's ok but I've done all that for yrs.


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