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I have been unemployed for six months and am having a really


I have been unemployed for six months and am having a really bad week I am typically optimistic but my inner cheerleader has abandoned me. I have had my resume reviewed by a career coach and adapt each cover letter and resume to the position I am applying to but no job so far. I gave 150% to my last position but they decided they wanted someone else in my role and just tossed me aside. I am doing all of the right things, networking, LinkedIn profile etc but so far I have not secured a job. I am also applying for part time jobs but no luck there either. I just need support from people in my same position who understands what it is like to be unemployed and over 50. I know I have a lot to contribute and am not useless but sure am feeling that way right now.

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May 19

Hi @divacat; thanks for the clarification! I found her and followed her. I am also following a coach who specializes in workers 50 and older named Jewel Bracy DeMaio if anyone is interested. She gave a good webinar on optimizing your LinkedIn page to help recruiters find you. In the meantime I'm still applying and applying to freelance writing gigs that I can do on the side for additional income...

May 20

@1972Pam glad you found Lina on LinkedIn. You should send her an InMail message she is waiting to hear from you! She is also starting a Facebook page to help women find jobs. She asked me to stay in touch with her re my progress in my new job too. I have added the link to her FB page please mention me and/or this support group so she will know how you got her information!

May 28

You should check out Linda Raynier, she post videos & does Resume Mastery workshops through Webinars.....


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