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I had an emotional breakdown about not having a job; I crie

I had an emotional breakdown about not having a job; I cried. I don’t cry that often. I think the sadness was building and finally I couldn’t hold back the tears. Finding a job has been tough. I’m not used to spending a lot of time by myself in my apartment looking for a job. I think you can relate to the loneliness of job searching. How do you cope with this loneliness?

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Nov 26

@Charliegirl816 I believe in God and all of that, however I have been struggling with employment for 20 years every since I relocated to Virginia, I"m exhausted, I've been fired from two jobs since last December, the third job was a temp job that was supposed to last til the end of December 2019, well guess what they didn't have any work and I was let go the end of October, now I on UE again and that runs out in 3 weeks, right on my birthday. I'm done..

Nov 26

@Charliegirl816 I have been praying to God everyday for a job. I have faith that it will work out. It’s just a lot of waiting. I am still having trouble waking up in the morning because of being depressed. With oversleeping, I am not tired at night and usually have to take a sleeping pill. I am thankful that you shared what you went through. Your caring helps to ease my anxiety.

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Dec 10

@SeriousInside I understand bc I myself had to get hired part- time at a place I thought would be a pc of cake...it's certainly NOT. I feel so out of touch since 6 mos ago even. I look a bit younger for my age but do not FEEL younger! 8 hrs on my feet doing the constant "retail- greeting & banter" also very physical, hauling stock everywhere...I am too old for this crap ( & by that I mean the horrible schedule, all the BS among sprvsrs ,& coworkers)...it's exhausting!!
Every morning I am begging God to help me snap back and try to actually get up & to work on time!


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