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I had an emotional breakdown about not having a job; I crie

I had an emotional breakdown about not having a job; I cried. I don’t cry that often. I think the sadness was building and finally I couldn’t hold back the tears. Finding a job has been tough. I’m not used to spending a lot of time by myself in my apartment looking for a job. I think you can relate to the loneliness of job searching. How do you cope with this loneliness?

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11 hours ago

Craigslist, no way. That website is too creepy. All the others I have accounts with and use them all the time. I also go to company websites.

10 hours ago

@Pillsie Keep on working then. I'm sure you'll find a new job. I found myself as a lost cause and I finally did it and got it, I start on monday (this is why I have free time now). I have been unemployed 3 times and if there is still hope for me I am sure there is hope for anyone. I know the feeling because I have been depressed many times and the cause is always the same: unemployment. I can't blame you to be depressed (I'm still) but you need to stay strong to keep on applying, getting interviews and land a job. It's not impossible, it takes time, but if you work hard, you will have your reward.

8 hours ago



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