How many resumes do you send each day/week/month? I find har

How many resumes do you send each day/week/month? I find harder to apply for jobs in the world today since covid-19 outbreak was coming as I'm finding by far less opportunities.

Jan 14

Yeah, the whole covid issue took away two jobs I had lined up. One was because of the social distancing, the entire publishing house cannot even sell their curriculum, let alone meet at the publishing house to work. The other job, I can't even train for because how covid made taking a class for my skill upgrade impossible. I can't say how many resumes you'll have to send in. But I do know, you should not give up and please try not to get completely discouraged. I'm not giving up on myself and know I'll have better options going forward.

Jan 15

@Jorge85 I feel your pain. I had 4 potential jobs at the beginning of March 2020 and Covid knocked them out. I don't even know how many resumes I've sent out, I look for a job daily. I had one virtual interview. I just hope this virus dies soon. It worries me that so many people will not take the vaccine, we can't get rid of it unless we take steps to remove it. My daughter is a waitress and the virus has impacted her job. I just pray it gets better this year for everyone looking for a job. I have seen an increase in jobs here in Virginia. Just not getting any phone calls for interviews. Not even a rejection email. Are they really hiring? To many questions and not enough answers. Stay strong!


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