Got laid off January 15. Spent 2 weeks working on my resume,

Got laid off January 15. Spent 2 weeks working on my resume, multiple cover letters. Till date had 2 live interviews, several phone interviews, and 1 scheduled for next week. I hope this nightmare ends and I’m back to work contributing to society again.

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Feb 13

Good luck!

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Feb 16

Really hope all your set ups pay off and you are offered the position you want.
I commend you for being brave and not giving up. You inspire me.
I am so scared to even send resumes,'s a full time job in itself in 2018!

Feb 16

When I was in high school I was given advice by my English / literature teacher.

We’re always alone like a person manning a ship and we make contact with other people on other ships but neve really leaving our boats. The closest you’ll ever come is having sex with somebody, and when you’re done you’ll still be alone. Second advice I got was in my time working as a filing clerk. He tells me I see someone attractive, I don’t shy Away, I’m too old to be embarrassed and end up with nothing for doing nothing.

From both advice what I’m trying to say is, worse thing that could happen from putting yourself out there is nothing, but what the world has to offer. As far as boats and being alone, just means no one cAres whether you fail or not, and what others think of you is insignificant. So pick yourself up and conquer the world.


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