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Hi, how are you all? Need some information from you guys. Pl

Hi, how are you all? Need some information from you guys. Please suggest me some good clinic for surrogacy in Europe. My friend needs surrogacy treatment. Please share some good stories with me. It will be really helpful for me. Wating for your response

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Jul 12

Hope you are in good health. You are right infertility is very hard to deal with but unfortunately only those suffering from it know how hard. There are some good clinics but there are some scams too so be careful. I have had an experience with the Lotus clinic. I wanted to know more about their fertility treatments and the cost of their treatments so I mailed them. Even though I mailed them for like 5 days straight, I have still not gotten a single response. It is shame really to see such negligence from such a crucial clinic. Infertility can leave people in very tight spots and such clinics destroy their hopes of getting out of their troubles. I consider it a scam clinic not a fertility clinic.

Jul 12

Hello dear! Hope you are doing fine. I am really sorry for your friend's infertility. It is the tough phase of life. But she is really a strong lady. She didn't give up and looking forward to other options. Surrogacy is the best option for her. I had my treatment of IVF from the clinic in Europe. They are also Providing Surrogate mothers. The clinic is renowned for its facilities and service. I hope she'll never be disappointed by their treatments. Wishing her all the very best. Let us know the situation after her appointment.

Jul 12

Hi dear. Well, try centers in Kiev? Yes! I'm also having my IVF later this August at one of them. They are really considerable nowadays. So, yeah! I'm also having surrogacy at one of them. So, yeah! That's how it goes! But, try avoiding adonis center there. My cousin sister really had a messed up experience there last year. So, would advise you to stay away. Let me know if you need to know about mine center. Where I am having my procedure next month.


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