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Hi everyone. This is the worst day for me, and instead of gi

Hi everyone. This is the worst day for me, and instead of giving up on life, I am reaching out for support. I am so alone right now. I've always wanted to be a mommy, since the age of five. Life did not work out for me the way I expected, as it does for many, and I wanted to wait until i had become financially and emotionally stable after leaving an abusive relationship before trying to concieve. But it's getting harder to hold out hope. We (my husband and I) have been trying for quite some time, less than a year to no avail, and another birthday is next week. I've had the most hurtful comments from my family telling me my eggs are too old, it won't happen I'm too old ( I'll be 37 next week), and maybe they are right.

I don't know. I just know that I've wanted marriage and kids all my life. It happened early for everyone except me. I went through a series of bad relationships, until about 30, one that eneded in a miscarriage from the stress at 22, and this last one that I still have nightmares from six years later. I've always been supportive of everyone, took care of my family when they needed financial support, I give my all in everything I do. Now it seems like the one thing I want, may not happen.

I am perfectly healthy, as is my spouse. I don't drink or smoke, have never been on BC, exercise and all things considered with family demands I keep my stress level relatively low.

I am trying to stay positive, but there is so much negativity surrounding woman my age ttc, and people, except for a few, are much less helpful to the point where I have become severely depressed when I see my period. It's like a part of my hope dies every month. I have lost the will to believe that this will ever happen. There is nothing I want more than to be a mother.

I am sorry to rant. I know my problem seems so small. Maybe it's my fault. I sacrificed my time to help my family financially and it cost me time to try and concieve earlier. I would have had a child, a few kids by now if I had made better decisions in my 20s. I have no one else to talk to who understands me. This seems so small compared to other problems women have in concieving, so I hope I'm not being selfish and wasting anyone's time. I just really want to be a mother.ive wanted it forever. Maybe it's too late and I put it off being a mother to everyone else.

I just know I feel completely hopeless.

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Jun 14

Hey, don't be upset. This s what we call life. It has many ups and downs. You have to stay strong during the downs. Don't lose hope. All that you have done for your family is some amazing. You are such a nice person. Don't regret what you did for them. They needed you at that time and you helped. This is so great.
If you cannot conceive naturally, there are many ways to help you. In this world of modernization, the medical field has advanced a lot. IUI, IVF, and surrogacy etc. These ways are here to help you. Just trying looking into them. You will find the best solution for yourself.
Positive vibes and strength to you. Baby dust on your way.

Jun 26

hi, I am so saddened to hear your story. My sister is also having conception problems that she ended up going from clinic to clinic as well. Hearing how good Ukraine is and the cost is cheap as well she decided to try her luck there. Being desperate for a baby she tried this fertility clinic called Lotus but the service and doctors were really bad. They were inexperienced and seemed to just waste time. Thank you for the link of this new clinic, ill be sure to send her there to try her luck. Please pray that our family gets blessed with a baby. My sister is desperate and has seemed to lost hope after the previous bad experiences

Jul 10

I hope you are doing alright. Of course this is fact. It takes a lot of courage to go through such a condition. There is no hard time than this. I can completely understand how difficult it would be for you to cope up with. A lot of us don’t realize that this isn’t an easy task. The whole trying to conceive journey isn’t easy for everyone. I see soo many women getting quickly pregnant. They should feel grateful and be blessed. One must have to see the others. The success stories of the other people are always the motivation for us. Motivation is really necessary for such conditions. We should never lose hope. Everything will be fine in the end. Most of us are aware of this sentence. Well, good talk dear. Keep it up.


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