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Hi everyone, I hope you all are fine. I am not. Really not.

Hi everyone, I hope you all are fine. I am not. Really not. I am feeling really devastated. I just want to know that how long. I am just so mad at myself. After all its been 4 years now and nothing is happening for us. I just want to know that. How long I have to wait for the natural process before going for something special. I am really worried. Should I start taking treatments now? Should I go for IVF now? What happens if that doesn't work for me too. Where do I go now? What should I do then? Is there some other things that I should try naturally. Please help me, please. I heard about a clinic in Ukraine. It has a very best rate of success. Many friends recommended me that. I am so much worried. Please help me. What should I do? How long till I have to wait.

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May 10

Hey there. I am glad you finnalyy reached out. How are you doing? I hope its good. I am really sorry to hear about your issue. I know it must have been very hard. It must be killing you. four years is a log time. Have you consulted a doctor yet. If not you shuld go for it. IVF and surrogacy are great options. I sugguest you go for them. I have had surrogacy too. Its wonderfull. I wish you good luck. I hope things work out. Take care.

Jun 12

Hey! Calm down. Take one step at a time for now. Consult a good doctor. Get some tests done. Then you can think about the next step. Anxiety can be a big hindrance in all you wanna have. Try to avoid anxiety as much as possible. Stay positive.

Jun 14

Have you consulted your doctor? Do you know that there are good clinics out there to help you in this regard? You must visit one. Get yourself properly checked. Deciding which way to go is completely based on your own medical condition. You need to know about your situation. Only then you can decide which option is best for you.
Best of luck for your future.


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