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hi! every one , i suffer from trich. it is the first time i

hi! every one , i suffer from trich. it is the first time im talking about it to people like me. It is difficult for my parents to understand the situation i am in and what i have to go through every single day be it my anxiety , the guilt that comes along with my hair pulling, my disgust towards my own self, the dissappointment in my parents and how it affect me. i am a sensative person, and people affect me very easily , i often cry myself to sleep because of this habbit of mine that i cant seem to control. i havent told my friend about this problem cuz of fear of judgement and isolation or maybe because up till now i was trying to avoid this and i wanted to feel like a normal girl without any fears or compulsiveness.
its been 4 years since my habbit started . but now i am trying in educating myself more and more about this disorder and hence i joined this support group . i dont exactly know how to help myself but im trying . it would be of great help if you guys could share your tips to curb urges.

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Oct 17

Do you have things or hobbies you enjoy? Running, biking, walking, guitar? Create a hobby you like get committed to it focus. It's hard but might help. You gotta eat right and exercise and sleep.

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Oct 22

I think mental health needs to put self harm and skin picking under Trichotillomania. I realize from bearfootpoppydream only with a picture, that is what I have as well. I pick at and remove a section of my skin off my hands. There really is no cure, but I'm really okay with it because I love myself so much. I'm unique and that is okay. I'm not sensitive about emotions as much as I am sensitive to light, temperature, and weather conditions. If someone else told me, they took medication for it. I would be alright with them. I don't judge the medication for others who want help. It should be a preference of choice just like a right to refuse if you do not want to vote in the election. Wish you the best, I'm 110 precent into wanting to solve this mystery myself. I could used the help of you if your interested.


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