Hello guys... I'm in 9th grade and have been affected by tri

Hello guys... I'm in 9th grade, I'm 15 years old and I have been affected by trichotillomania for the past 2 years... A lot of times when I go to bed I'm having a lot of diffferent thoughts like "Why did this have to happen to me?" or "When is my hair gonna come back?" and I honestly can't stop pulling... I'm pretty sure that out of 1000 students in my school, I'm the only one who has trich and I just feel so lonely... Nobody understands what I'm going through and people have actually noticed a few weird bald spots on my head and specifically my hairline and they keep asking "Why in living hell did you shave your head?" and I just kinda ignore them and I walk it off because it's much worse than what it looks like... I'm kinda lucky because I have very thick hair and on the right side of my head I have a huge bald spot but thanks to the thickness of my hair, it looks almost completely normal...

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Jun 19

Have you tried putting a rubber band on your wrist to snap it when you want to pull your hair? You need to find things to do with your hands so that you don't get bored and pull.

Jun 19

@Jennipain Well, I never thought of that but thanks for the advice... I will try it and commit to it 110% so it hopefully works... Thanks in advance


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