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Hello everyone, I really don't remember since when i started

Hello everyone, I really don't remember since when i started pulling my hairs, but i probably remember one thing that it's been more than 10 years and i got to know about this term trichotillomania today.
I usually don't pull my hairs on my head but every other body part, I now really want to stop this but don't know how to manage this and get it under control


Hello and welcome! The best way I've found is to keep my stress levels under control. If I'm stressed out I find the behavior increases.

Aug 24

Hey... I can totally feel you... So I will basically give you the same advice I give everyone... For me this has worked TREMENDOUSLY and I usually don't pull out hair for the next week at least... So basically all you do is go to a massage parlor and get a nice soothing (maybe erotic) massage by a professional... Trust me it will relax to a point you have never seen before and you won't have irrestible urges to pull out hair... Once, you try it, please reply to this comment or write a new post to the group about your experience with it and to what extent it helped...


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