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I just realized I am a synesthete, meaning I have synesthesi


I just realized I am a synesthete, meaning I have synesthesia, a condition in which sensory stimulation creates a response in a different sense. I know it seems like I am not really a synesthete if I am just now realizing, but as strange as it sounds, I assumed everyone tastes words. Well, really sounds, but specifically letter sounds, so words is pretty accurate. Like, a long "a" is rich and creamy, like really moist cake, and an "x" sound is solid, rounded but not quite spherical, and tastes like chocolate and veggies. I am trying to sort out what specific letters taste exactly what way, but words I know the taste of instantly. "Puce," a shade of violet-gray, tastes awful, slimy and sharp all at once, and sour, like it's gone bad. "Chloe," the name, tastes amazing, sticky like caramel, warm, and somewhere between vanilla and butterscotch. Some of my friends are asking about it a lot, and I'm kinda surprised they haven't asked what their names taste like. Not certain what I hope to gain from this post, but I wish I could share with people exactly what it's like, instead of just telling, as words can't really do it justice. And I'm still kinda shocked no one else tastes words.

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Jan 11

@Stínový I suppose. I feel rather stupid that it took me fourteen years to figure out not everyone tastes words.

Believerinbetter's picture
Jan 11

@Emma490 No, not stupid. Learning takes time and that's not something thats talked about that much, so dont beat yourself up about it.

Stínový's picture
Jan 11

@Emma490 that's not stupid, it's not like people go around discussing stuff like how they perceive sounds enough for you to realize that easily.


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