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Support Points

Support Points is a numeric tracking system that shows how much support you are giving to the community on SupportGroups.com. The more you participate, the more points you will receive. As you accumulate more Support Points, you will get more Support Belts added to your profile.

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Support Belts

Support Gurusites/default/files/badges/guru-logo.gifAdmin Approval Only
Black Belt in Supportsites/default/files/badges/belt-black.png25000
Brown Belt in Supportsites/default/files/badges/belt-brown.png10000
Purple Belt in Supportsites/default/files/badges/belt-purple.png5000
Blue Belt in Supportsites/default/files/badges/belt-blue.png2500
Green Belt in Supportsites/default/files/badges/belt-green.png1250
Red Belt in Supportsites/default/files/badges/belt-red.png800
Orange Belt in Supportsites/default/files/badges/belt-orange.png500
Aqua Belt in Supportsites/default/files/badges/belt-aqua.png200
Yellow Belt in Supportsites/default/files/badges/belt-yellow.png100
White Belt in Supportsites/default/files/badges/belt-white.png20

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