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*Tw* How come whenever something goes wrong my first though

How come whenever something goes wrong my first thought is suicide? Like how can I stop this I need to be able to live my life without this.

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Nov 2

Tennis023456, You asked why your thoughts immediately go to suicide when something goes wrong. Did you ever hear of Victor Frankl? He wrote a book called Man's Search for Meaning. He was in a psychiatrist who spent time in a concentration camp. He watched the people around him. Some seemed to have exceptional fortitude and were able to fight through the worst of circumstances and survive. Others just seemed to give up and ended up dying. I think the answer to your question is what makes some people dig in and fight and others just give up. My grandmother for example, is 103 years old. She was married in 1936 and by 1944 had 6 babies. One died of pneumonia at 9 months. Her husband committed suicide when the children were 5, 6, 9, 11 and 12. No welfare in 1949. My grandmother went to work at a blouse factory and ironed shirts 8 hours a day to support her family. She almost died in a car accident, lost her only son in 1980, and many other hardships. Yes she still goes on. I don't think she has ever had a day of depression in her life. I don't have the answers, just seeing from my own experiences that people handle life and hardships differently. It may have something to do with faith in God and believing that He is in control of all things and has a plan for us.

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Nov 14

Are you still thinking about suicide? I found this texting suicide help line 741741. Please check it out.

Nov 14

I know thoughts of suicide don't come from God. You don't have to listen to them or act on them. You You were created with love and purpose. When a suicidal thought comes replace it with a positive one.This is one I use from Scripture, "Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his mercy endures forever. (Psalm 118:1) I am praying for you.God Bless You!


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