****Trigger Warning****Hi all, It all started three and hal

****Trigger Warning****Hi all,
It all started three and half months ago...basically i was working 2.5 k kilometers away from my home...there were some family oroblems i was going through....but at the same time in my off8ce one girl came....i didnt think much of that...but she came in my team and our conversation started day by day it was like she coming close to me... initially i didnt feel anything .....but suddenly due family problem i had to resign...i was serving my notice oeriod1 that was the time we becMe very close to each other even whole office knew about it we used to go 9ut together lUgh together and have fun in our bay....as the time was coming for me to leave i could see her sad....sometimes even i could see crying...but she won't kwt me know....that time i promised that i would come on your birthday to see you.....and now when i travelled more than 5 thousand kilometers she didn't even talk....yeH we met but like other collegues were there i couldn't talk to her directly ...when i asked her that i want to talk to u...she refused that she can't talk to me alone...she never has....and the truth is when i left before that we used to talk for hours...i don't know what has happened in between but she really is imoortant to me ...i can't dec8de what to do....she doesnt answers my calls it really takes forty hours to travel one side....now when I'm going i dnt know but something is making me cry....and i can't tell it to anyone....i tried to talk to her but ahe doesn't want so i quit calling her...but i just don't understand that WHY? Atleast answer me that WHy

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Jul 16

I am sorry, but you may never get that answer. if she is acting like this the best thing may be to move on


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