****Trigger Warning**** It's really hard to stay alive. All


****Trigger Warning****
It's really hard to stay alive. All I want to do is die. There are times in which I feel like I am in Heaven , and now I just want to die. Anything can trigger that reaction. It's school , and life , and everything i think that make me want to die. The slightest misfortune or argument just sends me to.... Hell.

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Jan 22

@Niklaus those feelings happen to us all. the world wont crush us. and there is almost always turning back.

6 hours ago

@norseduncan Yes of course , but the thing is when I am on a crisis , I cannot control or separate my feelings , this is one of the reasons .

1 hour ago

@Niklaus Sorry for the late response. Been down and out with the flu. This is the worst case ever! Yes, I most certainly did find your poem interesting!! Keep writing!! Your words are powerful and they paint a beautiful picture!!


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