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****Trigger Warning**** It's really hard to stay alive. All


****Trigger Warning****
It's really hard to stay alive. All I want to do is die. There are times in which I feel like I am in Heaven , and now I just want to die. Anything can trigger that reaction. It's school , and life , and everything i think that make me want to die. The slightest misfortune or argument just sends me to.... Hell.

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Jan 23

@Niklaus Sorry for the late response. Been down and out with the flu. This is the worst case ever! Yes, I most certainly did find your poem interesting!! Keep writing!! Your words are powerful and they paint a beautiful picture!!

Feb 5

I hope you feel better.
Thanks for your kind words about my poetry.
I will certainly continue writing.
I had some ups and downs lately , but I have faced all challenges
that came and I casted out every thought about my hurting myself.
However i think more challenges might come , and maybe i will not be able to stop myself then.

Feb 5

Hey, I'm really sorry to hear that life is so, so hard for you right now. It must just be absolutely miserable. I'm a very, very sensitive person and have numerous, seemingly incapacitating triggers. I feel so fragile a lot of the time. It's hard to move, and I'm scared lots to get going and embrace the day much of the time. It's hard for me to stay alive too. But I'm still here fighting and kicking after all this time. Just know that no matter how badly you feel, how much you want to commit suicide and die, you're stronger than all the bad feelings. You're a better person than all the bad things that have happened to you.


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