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****Trigger Warning**** I'm done. I can't do this anymor

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****Trigger Warning****

I'm done. I can't do this anymore. I can't continue faking a smile and pretending to be happy. I'm a mess, I'm alone, and I have no where else to go. No one seems to notice that I'm dying inside and no one cares about me at all. What's the point of living if i'm living in Hell

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Dear SilverRose [110]I am so sorry you are dealing with such a difficult situation. These forums are great for sharing burdens, venting, and asking for advice. In despite of this situation let me tell you that you are important, valuable person and you are a person worth of dignity and respect. You may be have a hard time believing this, but that doesn’t disqualify you from being love and valued for exactly who you are. Maybe you can take out good of this situation that you have to deal with. Counseling or therapy can be helpful to work through things like this. You are valuable and worth fighting for. Please do not give up, there’s hope even in the darkest moments of our lives. For one hand I know from my experiences that sometimes we do not know how to handle suffering. Suffering is neither good nor bad. And if we embrace it we can allow our transformation into a better person. There was a time in my past that I used to feel like you. That made me to save a lot of anger and resentments for long time. I understand that it is very hard to accept things that make you feel sad or discourage. I think it is very important that you discovered when someone tries to please other then feel so miserable. But I’m glad to know that you realize it and you can learn from your mistakes. Have you consider to forgive others, situations and yourself? Forgiveness is the first step of healing and change. And for the other, in despise of this situation that you are living now, let me tell you that you are important and valuable person and you are a person worth of dignity. Please hang it there! Maybe you can take out good of this situation that you have to deal with. Let me tell you that life is beautiful, no matter what difficult situations we have to deal with. Since the fact that you are alive, that you wake up every morning, that you can see a sunny day, etc. These are gifts for you, so there’s always hope. Remember that no matter what is your age, we can always start again, make the things new and start a new chapter in our lives. Do you have a faith or believe system to help guide you through this? Please if you want let me know and I can help you find someone for you in your area. This list-ly is extremely important for you are going through: Please let me tell you my friend that you are not alone in this battle. If you need to talk with someone I’ll leave you this Hotline #s: 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255). Sending you hugs and praying for you my friend.-keep us posted, OK? Do you have a faith or believe system to help guide you through this? I do not know whether if you believe in God but I will keep you in my prayers, my friend. – keep us posted, OK?

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May 15

Do you have therapy or counseling? If you can't survive on your own, time to "call for backup".

May 16

It may seem like hell and a fake smile still feels fake but I recently read a chapter in my training course on how the muscles used in a smile combined with diaphragmatic breathing, and the ohmm sounds like those in yoga meditations actually combine to reset our vagus nerve (cranial nerve #10) which helps control blood pressure, heart rate, and relaxation or stress response.(aaaamazing) But if we do that on top of a good counsellor even short term support, we are well on our way to felling better, I hope it works for you, it worked for me- even the counselling worked well, and next thing I know my aunt took the courage to get counselling help too, she said "well if you can do it- I can too"
Many Blessings because we do not know How God is using us to help others.


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