******Trigger Warning******* I feel like committing suicide


******Trigger Warning*******
I feel like committing suicide tonight. I'm overwhelmed and don't see the point in continuing a life of constant dissatisfaction. Someone in my life has just recently gone through a hard time- someone who I thought cared for me- the only one who knew everything about me... but now I see clearly that they have used me and that they are selfish. They caused themselves to go through a "hard time" because of their narcissism. I'm dissatisfied with my body(I'm not even over weight but I hate myself) I am constantly trying to find fulfillment from people, food, weed... nothing works, nothing makes sense. I just need to know that I'm not alone so I might make it through one more night.

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Sep 13

Trust me, you are absolutely not alone. I am going through a very similar situation, but it is best for you to keep trying, keep pushing through. Whether you see it now or not, there are people who love and care about you. They would be devistated if they every lose you. I know this may sound like bull **** and be the things you hear all of the time, but it is true. You are worth it believe me.

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Sep 13

I know exactly what you are feeling and trust me, don't do it. Don't give them the power, you are bigger than ANYTHING that happens to you...When you feel so lost and just want the pain to go away you really just need to find someone who truly understands and who you can trust to help you get through these dark days. Looking outside yourself to find fulfillment is not the answer, chasing the next high to dull the pain is only temporary. We are all here for you and you are not alone.

Sep 14

Thanks for caring enough to reply. That's honestly enough rn and I truly appreciate it:)


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