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**tigger wiger***** all i can do is sit here n think how

**tigger wiger*****

all i can do is sit here n think how i can end my life. all i want to do is take a bottle of pills n just die so i dont have to be n this pain anymore

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Jul 18

@sweetpea911 So sorry. I also have flashbacks all day long and have had them for 2 years. And they come from many different periods in my life. They just pop up in my mind and I have been getting them every day for the last 2 years. It has gotten a little better for me, and they are not as intense as they were.

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Jul 18

@sweetpea911 can't wait to read some of it :-)

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Jul 20

Flashbacks are easy to get ride of. All you have to do is sing, shout, repeat lyrics from a song you like. Does matter where or what it is. The purpose of it is to get rid of flashbacks/images. =)

I like "zonika - biohazard". It can be triggering but the message is good. Use your imagination to get better.


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