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The only reason I haven't self harmed or committed suicide i


The only reason I haven't self harmed or committed suicide is that I feel that I would be a nuisance for my family... a problem that they need to clean up. Pay for the funeral arrangements. Almost every day I wonder if living is still worth it...Shouldn't I just end it? But then I mom would be disappointed in me...

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Jul 11

I actually have two birds and 3 dogs. They are often the only ones who seem to care. I just wish my family could understand how I feel...

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Jul 11

It's O.K. to hang on to that one thing that keeps you going. Even when my son and I didn't talk for six months, at my worst, I almost hung myself because feeling so alone and I thought "what if" "what if" after death, I had to watch the pain I put him through and in the end my love for him is greater than my pain. So hang on, I take medication and see a therapist. I feel like I'm never going to get better. Just living is exhausting for me but I hang on to that love for him and we are now repairing our relationship. Talking here has also been great help to me.

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Jul 12

Marijuana can help you. I strongly suggest it.


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