Seriously debating on whether or not to go to the ER because

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Seriously debating on whether or not to go to the ER because I'm super depressed. My roommate will not help me with anything or comply with the boundaries I have set. I have to do everything and I have joined two groups to make myself more social on campus. Unfortunately, I'm not getting anything done in the process. I feel like I seriously want to die; however, when I have these feelings they are more or less just feelings of depression and suicide without really making a plan. Just hoping I will die. Like does that make any sense? Because I don't have a life of my own. The way my roommate is treating me as well as family and the college is f*cking pathetic. And shows I only have a few percent who would actually care if I live or die. Meanwhile, I have a 4.0 GPA and I'm making it to classes on time. I just feel super hopeless right now and super stressed out.

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Sep 11

@MsRobot I understand, the difference was though, I was feeling that way not thinking that way. I also suffer from Major Depressive Disorder. So with or without therapy I'm going to be dealing with this for the rest of my life.

Sep 13

Hello, I admire your strength to stay strong with college and to continue to push through daily. I understand that those things mentioned can cause depression and you are having those feelings. It’s not fair that you feel this way. I know you deserve to live a happy life and I see you are making steps toward this with reaching out and you are doing wonderful in school. I commend you on your successes. I know it has not been easy, but you are tough you have done well and made it this far. Also, you deserve to have others there for you. Is there anyone else on campus you are close to you can trust?. Please let them know you need their support. I care about you and I have information to help you if you don’t have anyone supportive. I also suggest for you to see your campus therapist please make an appointment. Please remember if you feel suicidal call 911 immediately. I know that your life is worth the fight and that you have much worth. Yes, your life is very valuable. I am sorry about what you have experienced with others when they haven’t treated you fairly. Please know you deserve to be treated with respect and to be helped and don’t let anyone treat you less or they are not deserving of a friendship. Additionally, you are a wonderful person and if others can’t see this too bad. Yes, you will get through this. I want you to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). It’s a 24- hour confidential hotline. They can talk to you when you feel this way and help with preventive measures. Also, you can call; The Samaritans it’s a 24-hour confidential hotline at (212) 673-3000. They help through anything. Hugs! Please try some of these tips to help with your depression 1. Take a time-out- Practice yoga, listen to music, meditate, get a massage, learn relaxation techniques. Stepping back from problems helps clear your head.
2. Exercise daily- makes you feel good and maintains your health.
3.Slowly count to 10- Repeat and count to 20 if necessary.
4.Accept that you cannot control everything
5.Give back to your community- Volunteer. This creates a support network and gives you a break from everyday stress.
6.Talk to someone-vent and let them know you need help. Friends, family, doctor, therapist
7.Eat well-balanced meals- Do not skip meals and eat energy boosting snacks.
8.Take deep breathes- Inhale and exhale slowing throughout the day when you are feeling stressed.
9.Do your best- Instead of aiming for perfection which is not possible. Be proud of how close you get.
10.Maintain a positive attitude- Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
11.Write in a journal.

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Sep 13

Hi. It seems like you are pretty smart and insightful about your situation and feelings. Even wondering if you should go to the ER shows your understanding of your depression and how strong the will to live is, even if we wish we could let go. My experience sounds a lot like yours in regard to having suicidal ideation but no real plans. It is scary but I try to remember my depression makes my brain lie to me. It tells me I am worthless, not worthy of taking up space on this planet. But those thoughts come and go. I have major depression disorder as well. "They" now say it is treatment resistant depression... So I think I get what you are going through, but everyone experiences it differently. If you want advice there are plenty of people with ideas. I have been told to try this and do that... It is all stuff I already know and would do if I weren't exhausted from being depressed. Anyway, just another person who is here and (I think) understands you. Feel free to contact anytime... Hang on.

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