one year ago today my cousin got killed ... feel so guilty t

one year ago today my cousin got killed ... feel so guilty that i am here wanting to take my life and him who was so full of life lost his ... i wish i could give him mine ... i dont want to be here

Apr 18, 2017

He wouldn't want you to feel like this..God has plans for you and your life .. I pray you feel better !

Daito's picture
Apr 20, 2017

Hold on for now obey_yola, I'm sorry you're struggling within yourself at present, I know those feelings as well. Just keep holding on and holding on. Something good will come your way soon, you'll see. Life always has a surprise up it's sleeve.

Error101's picture
May 2, 2017

It is not your fault or your time. I'm glad that you are still here. I had read a sad article tonight. I had wondered what happened to them. Then, you search for the answers and you stumble across the answer. Someone who asked for help. There is always a moment where someone had done nothing wrong. But you realize what you could have done more. I am not sure if I am making any sense. But I will be the one wondering.


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