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My sister told my mom to check in on me today because she wa

My sister told my mom to check in on me today because she was afraid that I might be dead. My mom said she would not come in even if I didn't get up all day. I was happy that I won't be interrupted if I decide to end it but I feel really bad for my sister

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Mar 13

Cheer up . you are loved you just don't know it yet

Bluecloud89's picture
Mar 14

@Second_chance thanks but I'm alone right now I know the person that would make the difference but we can't be together

Jorge85's picture
Nov 5

I think you deserve to be loved by your family and for your words seems that at least you are important for your sister. I don't know your mother, but I don't think she was really serious saying those things. Keep strong, I also care about you, don't end your life, is your most valuable and precious thing that you have.


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