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l can remember it.l had an accident a day before my birthday

l can remember it.l had an accident a day before my birthday and during it all l kept stepping on the went faster and faster and l should say the car is beyond repair and the engine blew .it's even useless to ue for scrap metal and all l got in return was a few stitches on my ear which almost came off and on my head,which should have open up.maybe if l had died that day the world would be one monster less to perfect.they say sins can be forgiven but is it even possible to forgive yourself,the memory lies with me and what l did back then even though l was young and stupid is just sick and revolting.l won't even save myself from drowning because l'm better of dead and forgotten.

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Aug 12

you are not. you call yourself a monster, but I think few deserve that term. we all do stupid things when we were young. I certainly did. we do stupid things when we're grown too. that doesn't make us monsters.


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