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I want out of this life so badly. Ive heard heroin will do t


I want out of this life so badly. Ive heard heroin will do the job.

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Nov 10

Well I for one hope you woke up this morning- online can be great but sometimes the notifications aren't current. I see your post from yesterday, and that the person on the other end of the line is not much help- I ran into that too when trying to keep in contact with the tobacco cessation specialist, and all they could do is read a pre-approved script, some specialist, they di not give me confidence that they were better educated or prepared than I was. Perhaps if you are finding that is the case there is a unseen call for leadership being made of you. For all the days that you have overcome and held on, there are many more days that people need your guidance. WE struggle and overcome in order to help others. As much as we need help and support the numbers of those behind us who don't know how to reach out is far greater. Maybe a bit of focus on helping others, will be what is needed to get past this stuck place. Many Blessings

Nov 13

It is not time for you to go. There is still work for you to do and you are very much needed on this planet. Where you are is where you are suppose to be. There are no accidents. You must love yourself fiercely! Stand up for yourself and say, " I will not stand for anything less than love". "I am deserving of love". "I am loved beyond measure". Say these affirmations and say it with conviction of spirit. You deserve love. You are so so deserving of joy. You just have to believe it. Transformation starts with you. It has nothing to do with anyone around you. People will project what you project towards yourself. Stop rejecting yourself. Stop rejecting your feelings. Your feelings are valid and your journey is sacred. You are being guided in love. Be patient.

ControlFreak101's picture
Nov 14

Everything can kill you. Even oranges, or inhaling anything other than oxygen. But you could leave your place and travel to a place on a beach. Why not, that is what I would do.


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