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i tried to reach out again and just received nothing. Even o

i tried to reach out again and just received nothing. Even one person said please dont text them again, the same person who said if i could do anything to help i would and now look. Then my family wont answer i am totally convinced that i am not worth anything anymore when i feel that ia am and that i can make a difference in life but i need someone to believe in me because it is so weird how everyone is turning their backs on me like i dont matter almost like a curse.

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norseduncan's picture
Oct 7

@lostinlife365 then take some control over what is bothering you. there are likely at least aspects you can control, even if only your mindset about them.

lostinlife365's picture
Oct 7

its ok i thank all of you for your time i just am too tired. thank you

NormalFreak101's picture
Oct 11

Stop pitying yourself, you don't need anybody but SG. Repeat lyrics to a song that you can relate ("Biohazard by sonika"). Exercise, go biking, running, swimming for 30 minutes minimum. Eat chipotle chicken bowl and you will be fine.


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