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I really want it all to end. I am only in middle school. Lif

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I really want it all to end. I am only in middle school. Life is supposed to get way worse after this. I don't know if I will be able to handle it. The people at school are so mean and vain. No one knows I am lesbian, and my family is all super religious. I have a little sister that for some reason looks up to me. I just want to leave

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Mar 13, 2018

Hey there....look people are going to be mean always it’s your choice whether to care or not. It’s a very big thing in school. Life doesn’t get worse unless you let it get worse, unless you make it worse. You can go out there and do it your’s your life! And as far as your parents.....well they may judge you they may reject you but you are you don’t hide how you really feel don’t hide who you really are. See here’s the thing you can tell them and what that means is you are finally taking a hold of your life and that’s the first don’t be afraid just find that reason to live your life


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