i know im young i know im only (insert age here i aint sayin


i know im young i know im only (insert age here i aint sayin my age boi)but it is finally time for me to end everything.To end this stupid life.its just something people online tell me not to do i dont want to make anyone sad.Thats why im not dead

Littlesis7's picture
Jan 5

So you're saying your life has no purpose? What if your purpose is to be part of, and tied to those ppl that will be so sad if you go thru with it? What if our bodies don't go on but our spirits/ consciences do & the universe says your life was created for a purpose on earth? Your job was to figure that out and in the process, learn you are loved....just sayin.
For the record - my life is pretty awful most of the time as well but I do have hope bc there are ppl who would miss me.

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Jan 12

Please don’t. Talk to someone. I’ll be your someone, if you need that. Please, just hold on a little longer.

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Jan 13

Smoke marijuana. If you have nothing to lose. It might be the only cure. I am not into drugs but I got a high with being in a vehicle with it for hours. At the end, I felt so great. =)


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