I just want to die i still feel the same way as sat. This we

I just want to die i still feel the same way as sat. This week is just down hill. I think that i should go to the hospble but they wont keep me all they do is blood work n then send me home and I have no way there n if they would send me home i have no way home.

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sweetpea911's picture
Jul 16

all i can think of is how i can end my life without anyone fining out. all i want to do is take a bottle of pills and just end my life.

Jul 17

@sweetpea911, you've been crying out in pain for a week. I'm so sorry you can't see your way out of this. Please call someone. Don't try to do this alone. Call a suicide help line or call 855-382-5433 they can help you find help in your area. Don't let this darkness envelope you. It is coming from satan. His desire is to destroy you. Don't let him win. God loves you and desires for you to be healthy and whole. Saying a prayer for you.

PrettynPink29's picture
Jul 18

@sweetpea911 no don't say that! You are needed here in some way, you just need to figure out what it is.


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