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I just feel so alone. I'm having suicidal thoughts again, bu

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I just feel so alone. I'm having suicidal thoughts again, but I'm too scared to tell anyone. I've got so much stress in my life, I don't know what to do.

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Jan 13

Smoke marijuana. It might be the only currently. I am not into drugs but I got a high with being in a vehicle with it for hours. At the end, I felt so great. =)

Jan 13

Everything NS100 said, physical health is very important for one state of mind. Writing how you feel, your thoughts, avoid unnecessary things that may had to your stress like toxic people, vent on here what piss you off, whatever it is work, family... you bound to find people that can relate. Meditation help a lot with stress, anxiety, read books or article on how to manage stress and relationships friend, work, family, doesn't matter the kind, people in general can be an underrated source of stress and yes, i know it's scary, the may not understand or they may but you need a support network and therapy can help you untangle what cause the thought, please reach out.

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Jan 14

If you are feeling suicidal, then your life could be in danger. It is one of those times where you really do need to 'get over it' and break through the fear and tell someone, if only your doctor.


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