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I have been depressed for several years now, death of sister


I have been depressed for several years now, death of sister, loss of jobs, no self confidence, shunned by children because of my ex. Living with someone who has issues too but does not care. I use to have lots of friends but none now. Most days I want to end it and this is one of those days. Have nightmares every night and its worse when I wake up. I use to be a vibrant person but now I am the complete opposite. Have been giving medication by psychiatrist but they don't seem to make a difference

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Aug 5

Yay, I'm glad you feel better now. I am so sorry about losing your sister. That had to be really hard. I agree with the above poster, my nightmares started to diminish when I started talking to a counselor and getting thoughts out of my head. It also helped to write them down in a journal when I didn't have anyone to talk to, just to get them out of my head. I also used my journal to write down one thing I was grateful for each day, and one step I could take each day to try and improve my situation. Over time, it helped to look over what I wrote to see how much I started to grow in confidence again as I accomplished my daily goal, even if it was just to look in the mirror and tell myself I was worthy. I believe in you, and you have people and pets in your life who need you to feel better!

Aug 6

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. My sister would have turned 59 yesterday. I am very close to her husband, my wonderful brother-in law. We speak on the phone frequently and yesterday was one. We had a good cry but talking to him helped very much. I still miss her so much and always will

Aug 9

Thank you for sharing. Some hurts never go away totally, but over time they don't take our breath away anymore like they first did. I'm glad you can talk with your BIL. Keep sharing, and remember to write if you can :)


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