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Hhh the suicidal thoughts are still there. My doctors are w

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Hhh the suicidal thoughts are still there. My doctors are working on my medicine, we increased the dosage of my anti anxiety meds. I feel so tired and weak. I'm looking into a residential unit but my parents are unsure. I found this really cool one that my group pastor pointed out called "Mercy Multiplied." I feel like this could be it for me. But I'm not done with school yet. I'm in my senior year and I NEED to graduate. But I don't want to wait till the end of the school year to get help. I feel lost and so damaged. Everything seems hopeless, and extremely hard. I sleep all day in school (because most of my school day is study hall) and even when I get home I'm tired. I just want to die and no one seems to care. They're all like "give it a few weeks" or whatever. Oml I'm sick of hearing "It'll get better" because IT NEVER DOES.

Jan 9

Hang in there. Increasing your anxiety meds may tempoary contribute to feeling tired. Are your anxiety a bit better? Finding a nice place is great, i do not know all the circumstance but can you get a hold on it? You do not immediately have to move there, one can rent it out until you are ready? You probably heard this before but try finding something you like doing that you can do when you feel like sleeping. One may feel lime one is supposed to study but doing something you like beats sleeping :) What do you think you may enjoy? If you get help now does that necessarily implicate that you wont graduate? Isnt there some arrangements that can be made? Have you spoken to your docters about it? I dont want to sound like everyone else but regaining health from feeling lime your feeling is a journey, you will become a stronger person. Hold on, endure for its worth holding for that day that you feel better and see your way open to life having energy again for it. I can promise a time it may take a while but as long as you dont give up you are a survivor. Hugs. You can tell me a little more about whats going on if you like.

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Jan 10

The home sounds amazing. Would it be possible for you to get into it and finish out your schooling at home. I homeschooled both of my kids and it might be the best option for you.

Jan 11

I'm not sure if this will help, but regardless of how much sleep you actually get, if you can convince your brain you got enough sleep, your brain functions like you really did get enough sleep.


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