Hey everyone so I joined a couple of days ago on Saturday I

Hey everyone so I joined a couple of days ago on Saturday I wanted to die i didn't feel like I had anything left i was hanging on the the hope that my ex would be in touch he would realised what he lost he doesnt and where not I didn't really have closure until last night we had a fight he said that I'm crazy he only dates crazy girls and doesn't wanna date anyone it's what I needed so suicidal Saturday I had been like that for a few days just lost i accidently went cold turkey on my Meds for about a week and has a complete melt down today is good I'm just gonna take it day by day thank you for your support

Jan 13

Just remember that everything will balance out. Times will be tough, I'm not going to lie and tell you everything is all Sunshine's and rainbows... But the only way you'll ever see a rainbow is with a little bit of rain ;)

Jan 13

If you went cold turkey with your meds it's not a surprise you crash, your meds don't need to be addictive to mess you up when you quite, your central system is going to react to any kind of changes, as to your ex, well, i don't know anyone st**** enough to only date crazy girls, my bet, he just wanted to be spiteful. Does your doc knows that you stop your meds? It's up to you if you wanna take meds or not (at least in the US) but done with your doc would have been gradually and therefor more safe.


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