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Hello pals i humbly great you and thank you for spending som

Hello pals i humbly great you and thank you for spending sometime to read this post. My questions is has anybody ever felt like taken his or her own life before for any reason mostly financial issues???

To others maybe suicide isn't the right choice but for me I am thinking it is answer to a problem. Just imagine, I am hungry, jobless and no decent play to lay my head. In such a situation what would you do?

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Mar 12, 2018

I have searched for a job for about six years now just a job that will give me $90 or less each month but am not getting. If i hear someone say work hard i feel like dying because it feels like i am lazy but am not. I just need something to keep me going, before i was directed to this site bought some poison just to end it. But i am looking for a reason not to give up.... Maybe someone out there can offer me some help......

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Mar 12, 2018

Dont give up keep fighting. Your wanted in this life and yes it can be very hard at times. Try to stay positive find something you love hang on to that. You dont want to miss out on happy good and full of love and laughter you can have and deserve.

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Mar 13, 2018

@agyemang03 I know you are not lazy. Life is not kind to some of us. I am not able to work but the government provides me just enough to have a roof over my head so I won't be homeless. There are programs in my city - food banks, that provide food to people in need. There are also different charities - a church near me has volunteers that serve a warm meal for lunch each Wednesday. I am grateful for the help and I hope you can find help where you are too.

All the best.


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